Final days

Glad to see that the site has now stabilised, though there’s still some work to do on the layout and getting the resp of the pages sorted out – Like the Portfolio/Gallery.¬† Work on this has stalled temporarily as has taking photographs as I approach my final days at work.¬† Been rather busy making sure all the I’s are dotted and t’s crossed before I start at thenew place on Monday. Haven’t had a chance to really play with the flashgun either, so watch this space, the camera will be dusted off soon.¬† In the meantime, to add¬† something to this otherwise pointless post, I’ve stuck on a shot taken of Canvey Creek.¬† It was a misty morning but the water was flat. Quite like the atmosphere, but not the border on this one – Been meaning to re-process it, but again, haven’t really had the time.

Welcome back to the new and improved site.

Welcome to the revised, new and improved site.

If you are a regular visitor, you will know that the old site got battered by delinquent Geeks somewhere in Timbuctoo, and was closed down to stop it spreading malicious code around the planet. You may also remember that the whole thing was exceedingly ugly and needed a re-write anyway. Given that it was initially set up to document the restoration of a 1972 Triumph Spitfire (which never happened) there were a lot of hits on the site that must have felt cheated. This time, it’s (hopefully) more relevant.

I will of course try and recover some of the more amusing posts from the old blog for the sake of posterity but generally speaking, it’s sensible and grown up (ish) hereafter.

Headshot of a curmudgeonly bastard - the face behind the lens - Dave Frost
Headshot of a curmadgeonly bastard - the face behind the lens - Dave Frost

Thanks for visiting, and please bookmark me as there will be regular updates.