PhotographyBB Magazine # 20 released

Blimey, another month passed already.¬† Just a quick one today to remind everyone (or to let everyone know) that the 20th Edition of the PhotographyBB magazine was released yesterday.¬† Dave Seram, the editor, and founder of PhotographyBB said today; ‚ÄúThis theme of this month‚Äôs edition is ‚ÄòIt‚Äôs Processing Time.‚Äô Often we find ourselves with a […]

The Penny Drops

Tried something else this afternoon. Wondered (thanks to an inspired post by someone else earlier on the Talk Photography forums) how difficult it would be to photograph a spinning coin, indoors. The answer was of course bloody difficult. Especially as the lens I was using just wouldn’t, or couldn’t maintain focus on the coin. Ended […]

Water droplet shapes

Had some fun at the weekend, playing with my new wireless flash triggers, a kitchen sink and some water.¬† Was a bit slapdash with the setup in that I didn’t clean the sink or worry too much about the choice of lens.¬† Basic setup was; Camera – Canon 30D attached to a very very cheap […]

Photo Fail…….. Things you shouldn’t post on Facebook

Often, people do rather silly things.¬† Taking photos of oneself in Pink Undercrackers and pasting it onto Facebook is kind of asking for trouble.¬† It really doesn’t take long for things like this to get spread all over the internet……..

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