Photographers Rights And The Law In The UK – the law and photography

Photographers Rights And The Law In The UK – the law and photography.

To provide some balance to the previous post, I thought it prudent to include this one.¬† Sadly, given the number of similar stories that regularly appear in the local and national papers, along with personal experiences of some of my peers over at the forums this information just doesn’t seem to have been taken onboard by a lot of the PCSO’s and regular officers on the beat.

I would also offer the suggestion that when confronted by angry parents/policemen/general public, waving a printed copy of these about and shrugging your shoulders isn’t likely to help.¬† Yes, we as photographers, should stant up for our rights but we should do this by way of education rather than meeting aggression with aggression.

Nothing works better than a reasoned and sensible conversation, offer to show the antagonist(s) your photographs if you think it might help, and try and reason with them.

If, of course, reason fails, there’s always the old fashioned clip round the ear with the tripod apprioach !.

Send me the bill – Suddenly popular

For some unknown reason, a photo of mine that’s never ever been viewed on Flickr at all, has suddenly started to get some hits.¬† All of the sources for this are “unknown” so it will remain a mystery as to why it’s suddenly become so popular.

Send me the bill.......

I’ve no idea what make or model this bird is.¬† The kids called it Pinocchio, because of it’s massive beak.¬† Not the best photograph in the known universe by a long shot.¬† If I find out why it’s got popular, I’ll let you all know.