They say that the eyes are the window to the soul…

The eyes are alleged to be the windows of the soul. They’re also quite interesting to look at up close and personal. So, in the interests of interesting, I managed to grab one in focus (nearly) picture of my eyeball. Self protraiture for the shy.

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

More extension tube attempts ended up in the bin this lunchtime. Had plenty of flowery thingies from in the garden, and a couple of things I found laying about indoors.¬† Not the greatest shot in the world, though with the flash off camera¬† I think I’ve got the Depth of Field issues sorted now ! […]

A Whole new world

Never really had much to do with the Macro disciplines, but have managed to acquire myself a set of extentino tubes which arrived this morning. Had a little play indoors, but was surprised to note that even items that don’t look dusty are actually covered. Will post some of them, once I’ve sorted them out. […]

Me, Myself and I

It’s been a while since I posted any pictures of me, or indeed pictures with me in them. This is partly because I’m usually the other side of the camera, and partly because I’m such an ugly barsteward. I’ve been thinking about a shot like this for ages, and today, finally got round to having […]

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