Topical – Especially after the events up in Cumbria this weekend. Was on the M25 this morning on my wayu round to the office, enjoying the views at a sedate 20 mph for most of the 63 miles. Bored witless with only Wogan on the radio to keep me company, I thought it might be an idea to try and capture the essence of the moment.
Actually, that’s crap. I was just bored so I got the camera out. I cannot stress enough how dangerous (and illegal) it is to use an SLR whilst driving, and can assure you that I was perfectly stationary at the time.

Road Trip  the M25 at its very best
Road Trip - the M25 at it's very best
Quite liked the effect of the lights in the rain for this one. But remember kids, clunk click every trip.

Another fistful of dollars

Another fistful of dollars

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Following a dismal no show for last months competition over at the forums, I’m trying hard to make an effort this month. It’s a pretty open theme in that provided you can name a movie , you can take a photo to go with it.
For some reason I was sitting here this evening and Clint Eastwood sprang to mind. It’s not great but it’ll do as a placeholder in case I don’t get time for anything else.

Royal Navy Search and Rescue – Or “why you shouldn’t just chuck stuff on an external HDD and forget about it”

Today, I nereded to free up some space on my laptop. I dug out one of my external drives, plugged it in and started shifting off photos (mostly the RAW and Converted Island Boys shots). Whilst hopping around trying to organise the file structure into something a little more sensible, I stumbled across an entire folder (nearly 4GB worth) of unprocessed RAW files. Intrigued, I dug a bit deeper and realised that this was one cards worth of photos from a family holiday in Cornwall last year. I’m quite disgusted with myself that I’ve never even looked at any of them, let alone processed them. As always there are a lot of very average “snaps” as you would expect from a family holiday, but there’s a few decent ones on there as well.
To underline that, here’s a recued image of a Royal Navy search and rescue helicopter, hovering less than 30 feet above a beach packed with people freezing slowly to death in the August drizzle. OK it’s not a spectacular shot compositionally, but it’s still too good to be sat gathering virtual dust on a HDD that rarely gets plugged in.

‘L’ Glass

This weekend I was lucky enough to have borrowed a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS, full of L glass promise for the weekly outing to the pitches at Waterside Farm. Given that I usually use the Tamron 70-300mm for the football shots, I was wondering how I was going to cope with the shortfall in reach, when Andy, the owner of the lens, pulled a 2x converter out of the bag to go with it. The first thing I noticed, was that it was heavy. Really heavy in comparison to my own Tamron The second thing I noticed, was that the trade off using the extender was a minimum aperture (or is that maximum?) was 5.6 – Not a massive problem, but irritating that the DOF was just a bit sharper than it would have been had I shot at my usual f3.5/f4. The focussingt took a while to get used to, but it was quick. Really quick, something that I don’t like about the Tamron which is pretty slow.
This, I thought was a small price to pay for shit hot photos. So, after an hour or so snapping away, I came home with a CF card bursting with pictures and set about processing them all. Initial thoughts are that the images themselves are indeed better (quality wise) than I usually get. I had awful problems at points throughout the match, shooting directly towards the sun. The images looked like they’d been shot through mist. This isn’t something I usually see with the Tamron. However the edges are crisper and sharper, and the colour seems to have been captured better. Worth the cost of the lens? – Probably not better overall than the Tamron. Definitely.

Hopefully get some non football shots out of it this evening before it goes back.