No Fireworks, but some long exposures instead.

So, we packed up and shot of to Southend for the afternoon. Unfortunately we were a week early for the Christmas light switch on (oops) but were looking forward to the fireworks. I never had the tripod, but did think I’d be able to rest the camera on a fence or railing. I hadn’t planned on the crowds and completely forgot that my “pointless” and “annoying” hobby would of course come much lower down the list than everything else.
So, the firework shots were appalling. I mean really really bad. But I did manage a few shots while the kids were on the rides in the Adventure Island Theme Park instead.  This one (as were all the others) was hand held, shutter speed was 1/4 Second @ f4.0.   Have a couple of other shots of this at different settings which can be found at my Flickr page here.

Giant Tortoise
Giant Tortoise
There were also a couple of attempts to shoot some of the other rides. such as the Rage roller-coaster. Under the circumstances they also turned out OK. I’ll be trying more long exposures throughout the winter. I need the practice !!



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Just realisedbthat it’s the second weekend in November and I’ve not posted anything at all for a few weeks. Dragged out this one as I’ve got a bit of a processing backlog. Not even sure what I’ve taken, aside from Lily’s birthday.

This week I also tried a few firework shots in the garden but managed to overexposed pretty much all of them. Will post one or two if I can salvage some.
Got plenty to think about but never seem to find the time to actually get out there and click. This months competition theme is move titles, after missing last month I’m determined to get something in.

So, processing here I come