Royal Navy Search and Rescue – Or “why you shouldn’t just chuck stuff on an external HDD and forget about it”

Today, I nereded to free up some space on my laptop. I dug out one of my external drives, plugged it in and started shifting off photos (mostly the RAW and Converted Island Boys shots). Whilst hopping around trying to organise the file structure into something a little more sensible, I stumbled across an entire folder (nearly 4GB worth) of unprocessed RAW files. Intrigued, I dug a bit deeper and realised that this was one cards worth of photos from a family holiday in Cornwall last year. I’m quite disgusted with myself that I’ve never even looked at any of them, let alone processed them. As always there are a lot of very average “snaps” as you would expect from a family holiday, but there’s a few decent ones on there as well.
To underline that, here’s a recued image of a Royal Navy search and rescue helicopter, hovering less than 30 feet above a beach packed with people freezing slowly to death in the August drizzle. OK it’s not a spectacular shot compositionally, but it’s still too good to be sat gathering virtual dust on a HDD that rarely gets plugged in.