It’s nearly that time of year

Whereupon all us heathen unbelievers use the excuse of Jesus’ second birthday to gorge ourselves on overpriced, over-packaged chocolate.
The curmudgeon in me could rant and rave about the cynical commercialism, the greedy bastard in me is already rubbing it’s hands together at the thought of all that chocolate but the persistent ponderer in me has started nagging away at that age old connundrum……
What came first?

Chicken or Egg ?

Thank you for leaving me alone

Following on from the previous post, poor old Daisy was duly left alone, and after a few hours hard graft last night successfully delivered four bouncing bundles of mischief. Cunnrently un-named (apart from number one who seems to be lumbered with Sticky) these ladies (and one gent) are all healthy, doing well and blissfully unaware that they’re going to have the camera shoved in their faces at every opportunity over then next few weeks….

First photo of this bunch – The eldest is around three hours, and the youngest around 30 minutes.

A proper bundle of Joy

Fuck off and leave me alone……

In keeping with the animal theme, Daisy, the long suffering Shih Tzu is now feeling every day of her pregnancy. Not only is she fatter than a Mars Bar Munching salad dodger, she’s a bit miserable with it.


Only a few more days to go and there’ll be plenty more to keep her occupied than a Camera in the face.