Safe Landing

Not too sure what everyone else will think of this one, but I like it. Unfortunately manged to cut the tail off. Breaks a few rules in that the subject has ‘no space to move into’, doesn’t fall on any of the mystical or magical ‘thirds’ and to a certain extent lacks any depth or point of focus.

4 weeks old

And no longer looking like a furry Mars bar sized rat……
This one was the only one awake so I took the opportunity to borrow her for a few minutes. Of the 50 or so shots I took, very few were in focus as she’s now discovered how to run, with the odd skip and a hop before falling over.

Tired now.

The Window

The Window

Stuck here working, while outside ity’s sunny. Been watching the shadows crawl across the wall while waiting for some inspirational words for the documents I’m writing.

This, it has to be said, makes my eyes go funny – It may just be me, but the actual image appears to be an oddly shaped trapezium.
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