Planet Canvey – An Island in space

It’s often been said that us Canvey Island residents are on another planet, so I had a bit of a play with a fairly crappy image of the Shell Haven complex taken from the newly opened West Canvey Marsh. A little bit of a play in Photoshop with the distort filter created our very own Planet Canvey.

Planet Canvey

For Comparison, below is the original. A fairly uninspiring shot taken on an overcast and grey day.

Oil City - A view from Canvey Island

The decorators Garden

The Decorators Garden

Rusty paint tins, half used lay abandoned alongside a rotting brush whilst the decorator waits by the phone. Willing it to ring, as if thoughts alone can bring in some work to pay the bills and feed the family.

Nature has a funny way

Of reminding you what’s important in life. Things like Love, and Sunshine. OK, it may not be a Rose but as I was Just about to hack this useless weed to death with a petrol mower (I wasn’t really, I was thinking about whether I could afford a gardener to do all the tedious crap for me) I was suddenly struck by the shape of the leaves……. Any excuse to get the camera out.

Heart shaped leaves.......

Nature’s art

The dandelion has now completed it’s cycle and waits patiently for mother nature to finish the job. A bird, or gust of wind to spread new life throughout the manicured and tendered lawns of suburbia

Nature's Art