It’s all a gamble…….

Life is a huge gamble. Choices made daily affect the choices of tomorrow which in turn steer you on a meandering path to death. No-one knows whether any of the seemingly innocuous choices will affect your path adversely or positively. We are all navigating blind.

Mercedes 190 SL

Mercedez World at the old Brooklands Race circuit has some stunning cars, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Upstairs, the AMG tweaked range starts in excess of £100,000 whilst the classics of an era past reside majestically downstairs.

White Flower

Just a plain white flower – Hadn’t used the 50mm for a while so thought I ought to see whether it still worked or not. Glad I did as it highlighted more dust bunnies than a field full of dust and bunnies. Sensor now cleaned in time for the weekend.

Lulworth Cove – Dorset

Lilworth cove, a geologist’s dream. Every layer of rock exposed to the elements.

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