Happy Halloween

42 years old and never hollowed out a pumpkin for Halloween. Ticked it off the list this year. Couple of grabbed shots late last night (for some reason I was worried that they’d have shrivelled up by this morning). 1000 ISO doesn’t make for the most aesthetically pleasing picture, so will have another try later […]

Nothing to see here……..

Still not had the camera out in anger for anything creative for what seems like ages – Work keeping me tied up in knots amongst other things. Aside from football and a couple of family shots it’s been a photographic wilderness. So just to keep the front page changing I’ve pulled another old one out […]

Harry and Paul

Right, it’s been a while since I spoke to Paul while they were filming outside the office in Rickmansworth.¬† He said the new series was due to be on the telly in September / October which according to my calendar is around about now. As I haven’t taken anything remotely like a decent photo for […]

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