Iced water and processed peas

Dropping objects into a glass of water can be quite therapeutic. Dropping objects into a glass of water whilst attempting to photograph them can cause blood pressure to rise, as well as making a mess. Was a worthwhile experiment with ‘not bad’ results considering the actual time taken – Added to the list for things to do properly……..

View from a balcony in Liverpool

Seen from the Balcony of the Heyward House Hotel in Liverpool, at night, with the lights on this old queen looks majestic. Unfortunately in the cold light of a grey and miserable day the illusion is shattered as the harsh reality hits home.

Instagram – Bringing iphone photos to a whole new audience

There’s a new app for iphones (and I guess the new ipod touch with the camera) that allows you to instantly share your photos with others as well as applying some interestinf filters for different moods. Somehow a cross between Twitter, Flickr and the many applications that just allow you to upload to facebook and […]

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