Annoying Noisy thing….

These litt;e things are really annoying when you’re trying to relax, in the sun in your garden.  Can hear them all over the place but never see where they are.  This one ended up jumping onto a sunbed and obligingly sat there till I got the camera out.

Outdoor darts – Hardcore Essex Sport

For the armchair sportsman such as myself, it’s always a struggle to try and find something that mixes Drinking, Sunshine and sport (aside from spectating cricket). So, I’ve invented outdoor darts. It’s like real darts but the board blows in the wind, and sometimes the numbers are in unusual places……..

The Eye of the Storm

Someone mentioned my eyes earlier on today and I had a moment spare so though it might be fun to try for a decent image of my Iris. Used the 50mm 1.8 @ f2.8, on camera flash and a 12mm Kenko Extension tube. Was harder to focus (with the tube on) but didn’t need to […]

Bees – Not just about the honey……

Right, Whoever invented the phrases “the bees knees” and “make a bee-line for” was on drugs at the time. Bees knees are pretty damn ugly, and the little bastards rarely fly in straight line, or anywhere predictable come to think of it. Spent 20 minutes aiming the 70-200 at a ratherpleasant bush, swarming with bees. […]

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