A hoverfly (or yet another closeup of an insect)……

Was checking over the kit in the garden and ended up with another damn closeup of an insect……. No tubes, just me laid flat out in damp grass, waiting for it to stand still – f10, @200mm 1/400, handheld (again). No flash. Really do need to get out and do something else…….

Blue Moon

Well, strictly speaking the moons the same colour as it always is, but instead of beingh dark and night timey, I took this during the day during a rare patch of blue sky. Hand-held, 200mm – What can I say. Definitely saving up for a 1.4 converter for this lens !!

Great British Summer (or looks like rain dear)

The newly formed team got together for their first friendly this weekend, playing against their older peers at the club. True to form, the Great British Summer is truly upon us and although the sun was shining the clouds looked more than a little ominous….

Tricky Alf murders another pair of white socks………

Took a hell of a lot longer to stitch these than I thought it would and by no means a proper job.  Learnt a few hard lessons on the way to the end result here, the most important of which would be – DON’T MOVE THE CAMERA AT ALL when shooting with this in mind. […]

Reminder of Harwich. Thames Barge

I missed the Barge race earlier this weekend on the River Blackwater, but there were still plenty of them about on Sunday.  Wanted to try and give this an old feel without adding the grain and losing too much of the detail.  Not sure if I managed it or not, thoughts appreciated as always. REMINDER […]

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