Blue Moon

Well, strictly speaking the moons the same colour as it always is, but instead of beingh dark and night timey, I took this during the day during a rare patch of blue sky.

Hand-held, 200mm – What can I say. Definitely saving up for a 1.4 converter for this lens !!

Blue Moon

Tricky Alf murders another pair of white socks………


Took a hell of a lot longer to stitch these than I thought it would and by no means a proper job.  Learnt a few hard lessons on the way to the end result here, the most important of which would be – DON’T MOVE THE CAMERA AT ALL when shooting with this in mind.
Also learnt a lot about masking and layers in Photoshop so not all a total loss.  Will be replacing this one with a more considered and better edit as soon as I have a few hours spare !!!

Needless to say that come the finish the socks were consigned to the dustbin



Reminder of Harwich. Thames Barge

I missed the Barge race earlier this weekend on the River Blackwater, but there were still plenty of them about on Sunday.  Wanted to try and give this an old feel without adding the grain and losing too much of the detail.  Not sure if I managed it or not, thoughts appreciated as always.

REMINDER of Harwich
Official No. 161033.
79 tons, built of steel at Mistley in 1929 by Horlock and owned by Fred Horlock.
Rerigged as charter barge by Roger Beckett of Anglian Yacht Services.
Charter barge out of Maldon.

Now chartering with Topsail Charters from Maldon

(Clicky Here – and no I’m not advertising for them, there’s just some additional information about the barge !!)


Barge on the Blackwater

And the original Colour version for comparison is below – Would appreciate any comments or feedback on whether the processing works for this particular shot.

Reminder - Harwich