Sunset on the Blackwater

Sunset over the Blackwater, with the Bradwell power station in the distance. Golden light abounds during the summer evenings here. an opportunity not to be missed if you happen to be out walking and have a camera to hand.

Man at C&A – Or, for the young ones, man at River Island…..

The Essex countryside, particularly on the Dengie Peninsular never fails to surprise me with the quality of the light at times. Despite having not much to do I couldn’t resist a couple of shots of Tommy doing his best to look moody on the banks of the Blackwater on Sunday evening…… Immediately prior to this […]

Fearless Frank – Young Robin

I know Robins tend to be curious and fearless when investigating but this little chap took to the extremes. I was sat outside and he/she just hopped up, closer and closer until it was practically sitting on my shoe. I fully expected it to disappear, but when I stood up to get my camera, it fluttered away just far enough outside my minimum focus distance for me to get a couple of shots. I’m no expert but I’m guessing it’s fairly young and can’t see it lasting long out there unless it gets a bit more streetwise….

The age old Essex sport of Mudding

What could possibly go wrong…… Those Halcyon days of our long lost summers were brought back to me whilst ‘supervising’ the kids while we enjoyed a break at St Lawrence Bay, darkest Essex. I’m fairly sure that the River Blackwater got it’s name from the tar like mud despite what wikipedia says about it. The […]

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