A suite life……..

Feeling a bit low so thought I’d try something different for a change. As always, time limited and not much interest here at castle canvey so grabbed a bicycle light and a pack of cards, dusted off the tripod and set this up.

A Dearth of Hearts

If anyone’s interested, this was set-up on a kitchen work-top.
The cards were held in place using blue tack with the camera set up on the tripod.
As there was a light and a television on in the same room I had to go to F18 to get a 6 second exposure.
On release of the shutter I weaved a small LED bicycle torch in and out of the cards, then reversed it onto the cards themselves to highlight them.

Post processing is minimal – Lots of spot healing because the cards are well used, little bit of dodge and burn and a light dusting of contrast tweaks before a quick sharpen and save.