Samantha Bond again…….

It’s not every day you see Miss Moneypenny driving around in one of the James Bond villain’s cars. Whilst we were at the museum we were delayed due to Samantha Bond being interviewed, and then following lunch we bumped into her driving around the grounds of the estate in a Green Jaguar XKR, complete with […]

My name is Bond, Samantha Bond

Another one from our week in the New Forest. Wandering around the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu we were a little taken aback to be stopped midway through the Bond exhibition by a chap with a radio and a tabard bearing the legend ‘SECURITY’. Wondering if we’d stumbled across a deranged gang of scrap metal […]

A slightly different view of the M25 Essex Section

Yesterday, I was ‘lucky’ enough to spend a couple of hours on the shoulder of the M25 waiting for a recovery truck. Naturally, it was a pretty tedious wait, and naturally, I had my camera with me. Unfortunately I never had the tripod, though in fairness, with the traffic thundering past at 70mph plus I […]

Don’t Feed the Birds……

Gulls, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. From Southend to Skegness, our coastal towns are plagued by feral flappers from gulls of all shapes and sizes. I don’t know one bird from another, but as a photographer I do know that it’s really easy to put their natural scavenger tendencies to good use to create great opportunities to capture them closeup and in action.

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