Minerals and Metals

Minerals and Metals

Originally uploaded by DaveFrost

The final entry for the August Photographer of the year round.
A bit of a makeshift shot as the arty ones I set up for all turned out rather badly. Was only as I sipped this contemplating abject failure I realised that the answer to the theme was evaporating before my very eyes.

Taken against the sun, exposed for the sky then dialled down to underexpose by 1 stop then dialled in -2 on the 430ex.

The bottle was hand held in my left hand while I adroitly operated the camera with my right. Quite pleased with th result but wasn’t what I wanted for the theme

Father’s outrage over ‘pornographic’ Haribo MAOAM sweet wrappers | Mail Online

Nothing to do with photography, but I did have a laugh when I saw this today. If this guy thinks this is porn, he really needs to get out more.
Check out some of the comments too – They’re even funnier than the rest of the article….

Father’s outrage over ‘pornographic’ Haribo MAOAM sweet wrappers | Mail Online.

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A bit of Photo Humour

Dave the Chimp

Originally uploaded by Dave Frost

Taken at colchester zoo in the spring, the RAW file was re-visited a while ago and I realised that this photo was begging for a caption.
You have to bear in mind that I was working my notice whan this was edited, and had just taken a random day off sick with nothing special to do…..

The Eye of the beholder

The Eye of the beholder

Originally uploaded by Dave Frost

Been a long time. Haven’t I used the nifty fifty since the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 arrived in the kit bag, so now making a conscious effort to use it more.
Didn’t really get out much further than the back garden so ended up taking another one of the dog. Pensive look from Daisy in this one which was hand held at f1.8 with a shutter speed of 1/30 at iso 1600

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