Great British Summer (or looks like rain dear)

The newly formed team got together for their first friendly this weekend, playing against their older peers at the club. True to form, the Great British Summer is truly upon us and although the sun was shining the clouds looked more than a little ominous….

Global Economy

t is often said that money, makes the world go round. Quite frankly this is silly. I’m not a physisisisisist, in fact I can’t even spell it, but I do know that the world goes round because at some point in the dim and distant past before God, Dinosaurs and Fish a giant Space Mammoth brushed against it in it’s haste to get to the toilet at the other end of the universe. It’s also true (apparently) that the world will one day stop spinning, at which p[oint gravity will cease to exist and we’ll all become as light as feathers and float into the sky.

I know it’s a bit late but here’s my Baubles…….

House is bare and Chrismas seems like such a long time ago – Haven’t even started to process the rest of the photos of the kids and unwrapping, let alone my Turkey dinner but couldn’t resist at least one festive shot, albeit 11 days late…..

I can stand up !! – But Walking’s still a bit of an issue

Nearly three weeks old, and now they’re quite speedy. Instead of lurching from one spot to another like a demented tortoise (or turtle for my overseas visitors) the little ones asre almost walking. It’s quite funny watching them fall over though. This one is ‘Number 1’, who aside from being bigger than the others was […]

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