Left Behind



I’m on Lonely Street, number fifty three.
Boarded up property,
I’ll probably get pulled down.
Litter all around inside there’s
no sound and no light.
But yo it gets busy at night, People creeping.
Derelicts sneaking to fix. Speaking.
On the way my timbers creaking,
Roof leaking. And bricks coming loose,
knee high in refuse.
But even though I’m a slum,
I’m still of some use.
There was a time when my walls where decorated.
And under my roof children where educated.
But now paint’s faded, windows are all smashed,
a crash in the economy robbed me of my family.
And no strategy, combats negative equity,
so that’s it. Like violence it’s drastic.
I’m freaking, and seeking to be
more than just a house for crack.
Somebody bring my family back.



Green fingered neighbour trims my bush…………

Imagine our surprise on returning home to find what can only be described as half a tree in our front garden. Admittedly, the other half was overhanging the boundary line a little, which presumably squared things in our neighbour’s head when he found himself getting a little carried away. I’m not sure at what point he stood back and thought “yeah, good job, that looks fine” or whether he only stopped because his arm was tired (Let’s face it, he may as well have carried on and done the rest of it as well) but I’m sure you’ll agree that the end result is nothing short of superlative.


It might be because I’m old, but I would have expected that before emptying the shed of anything sharp, pointy and saw-ey, it’s kind of polite to mention that you’ll be clearing back any overhanging bits with the owner of the aforementioned over-hangy bits, especially if they could have lent you a nice electric hedge trimmer to actually do the job with (or even saved you the hassle and done it for you). We must have missed that bit though because this was the first we knew of it.

Apparently, they’re going to be putting a fence up. Given it’s our front garden I’m not expecting a 6 foot one (it’s just not very British is it) so I’m still not clear on how (or even why) the branches requiring a ladder were lopped off as well, but I will be watching that boundary line very carefully. Why worry that the panels at the end of their back garden are rotten and falling out (and at some point we’re going to end up with their dog in our garage) as long at the front has a nice new fence.

I’m still a little bit in shock to be honest, hope they don’t need any favours any time soon.

Trim my bush.

A slightly different view of the M25 Essex Section


Yesterday, I was ‘lucky’ enough to spend a couple of hours on the shoulder of the M25 waiting for a recovery truck. Naturally, it was a pretty tedious wait, and naturally, I had my camera with me.

Unfortunately I never had the tripod, though in fairness, with the traffic thundering past at 70mph plus I doubt it would have helped. So, from the safety of the car, with breath held I took my first ever light trail photos. Not technically perfect (there’s a lot of motion wobble but nevertheless still not a total disaster.


Triggertrap – Test shots….

I’ve had the app and the dongle for a while and other than some time lapse vids of the journey home from work I’ve never actually used it. This week I finally got round to purchasing a 2.5mm to 3.5 mm cable so I can use it to trigger the flash instead of the camera and subsequently started thinking about what I could use it for.

These were a hastily set up test session to try and get the setting for the ‘Bang’ trigger to work – Had a few issues initially whereupon the camera kept snapping away after the noise but after a few tweaks I think I got it sorted. I know that these are a bit rough round the edges, but as test shots I’m quite happy with them. All I need to do now is set something up properly with a decent background (not the shiny sink), replace water with milk (or cream) and swap out the smelly pickled onion for something a little more attractive……


Onion splash - Triggertrap Mobile

Week 14 – Christmas Spirit – eating drinking and gambling…….

Every Christmas, without fail, ever since I was a boy. at some point, the Spinning Top is out of the cupboard the table is covered in loose change and an hour or so is spent putting and taking.

Christmas Games - Put and Take

Said to have been ‘invented’ as a game during the first world war, the dreidel, or spinning top is used to determine whether you put coins into the pot or take them out.
that said, similar devices can be traced back to 16th Century Germany, as well as Ancient Greece and Rome, as detailed on the Antique Gambling Chips website (extracted below) All I know is that it’s fun and the kids enjoy it too.

Origins and brief history. Put and Take is one of many forms of Teetotums (any gaming spinning top). The Teetotums were known in ancient Greece, and the Dreidel (put and take instructions on the four-sided spinner) was developed in 16th century Germany. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica article on teetotums, “the hexagonal (six-sided) teetotum was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans.” The earliest teetotums were used as a substitute for dice, especially useful in board games. Put & Take tops, like the standard brass one pictured just above, originated in America and were very popular from the early 20th century to about the 1940’s. They could be carried in ones pocket and used anytime in a bar, army barracks or other gathering place for an impromptu gambling session. Each player would contribute chips, coins or currency to a pot. One dictionary gives 1920-25 as the period for the origin of the term “put and take.” An Australian gambling-related web site says, “the Western world’s game of put-and-take [is] rarely encountered since the 1930s. … I suspect that the reason for the … disappearance … from the English and American gambling scene is that too many loaded tops were being used. In other words, there was a great deal too much putting by novices and taking by cheats.” So the heyday of Put and Takes was the 1920s and 30s. There is the 1921 silent movie “Put and Take”, a 1921 “Put and Take” Broadway show and song, at least five American patents regarding Put and Take taken out between 1920 and 1940, and even a 1929 “Put and Take” jazz swing composition. (Today, there is a casino game “Put and Take” that uses playing cards instead of a spinner!. Today, there are also grifters hustling people with crooked Put & Take dice. And of course, there are virtual Put & Take aps where you can design your own game. Now-a-days there are too many manifestations of Put & Takes games and rules to mention on this page, which is dedicated to vintage items.)