Puppy Spam and a Nifty Fifty

Getting to be a bit on the spamtastic side now with the puppies. I’m not talking about mulching their hairless corpses up to make bland, greasy meat but the amount of photographs I’ve ended up taking of them. The Lord only knows what I’ll be snapping when they’ve all gone to their new homes (aside […]

And so begins a new relationship….

Test shot with the new Sigma 70-300mm lens. Not ideal conditions being through glass with a relatively slow shutter speed and wide aperture. Early indications are that this is a good copy with little or no fringing. Looking foreward to a sunny day to see how sharp this unit is in comparison to the Tamron I was quite happy with.

A bit of Photo Humour

Dave the Chimp Originally uploaded by Dave Frost Taken at colchester zoo in the spring, the RAW file was re-visited a while ago and I realised that this photo was begging for a caption. You have to bear in mind that I was working my notice whan this was edited, and had just taken a […]

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