Send me the bill – Suddenly popular

For some unknown reason, a photo of mine that’s never ever been viewed on Flickr at all, has suddenly started to get some hits.¬† All of the sources for this are “unknown” so it will remain a mystery as to why it’s suddenly become so popular.

Send me the bill.......

I’ve no idea what make or model this bird is.¬† The kids called it Pinocchio, because of it’s massive beak.¬† Not the best photograph in the known universe by a long shot.¬† If I find out why it’s got popular, I’ll let you all know.

Minerals and Metals

Minerals and Metals

Originally uploaded by DaveFrost

The final entry for the August Photographer of the year round.
A bit of a makeshift shot as the arty ones I set up for all turned out rather badly. Was only as I sipped this contemplating abject failure I realised that the answer to the theme was evaporating before my very eyes.

Taken against the sun, exposed for the sky then dialled down to underexpose by 1 stop then dialled in -2 on the 430ex.

The bottle was hand held in my left hand while I adroitly operated the camera with my right. Quite pleased with th result but wasn’t what I wanted for the theme