A Glass, not full, not interesting, just a glass.

Was pondering whether this evening was to be a beer or wine evening, and suddenly became inspired to attempt something new to me.
Have had a couple of flashes for a while and aside from a bit of fill in when shooting outdoors, and the odd balanced portrait indoors I’ve never attempted to master a studio type setup. For a first go was quite pleased with this attempt, though I suspect a piece of glass or perspex would have made for a better background than the Mac and a piece of A4.

For those interested there was a 430EX, triggered wirelessly @ 1/32 on the background (the plain A4) Camera right and just a tad closer to the background than the glass.

Camera left, was a YN460-II on lowest power setting with a homemade snoot (piece of black foam and an elastic band, triggered as a slave from the speedlite.

Camera settings were 1/160 @ f16, ISO 400 (which was an error because I never checked what it was from last time I was shooting – F/16 @ 100ISO would have been better).

Canon 30D (seen better days but still firing)
Canon 50mm f1.8

Hope someone finds this helpful, and although it’s not technically perfect and isn’t a particularly interesting shot of a glass, it’s a start.

May try some water / glass combinations later on if I get time.

An empty glass.

Apparently it’s officially my Day in Meerkovo !!

Annoying as the adverts are they do tend to stick in your head, so on receipt of me Annual renewal notice for my house insurance I thought I’d at least have a look.
I wouldn’t normally have bothered, but this year my renewal premium had increased some 100%. Admittedly I had a claim last year when some wanker smashed the downstairs window of the house, but 100% increase – I think not.
Ran my details through the Meerkat people and the cheapest quote available was around the same price as last year – With the same insurer (WTF ????). Rang them this morning, and just on the strength of a phone call they miraculously managed to knock off £500 (why not quote the ‘best’ price in the first place – Tossers).
Still not impressed, that one’s now marked as not renewed and the Meerkat people got a few more clicks on their website. I’m happy. Fully insured at the same price as last year (under £700) and a stuffed Meerkat is on it’s way to my house.

Young Meerkat

The Ultimate Diet

The Ultimate Diet......

OK, had 20 minutes to kill and couldn’t think of anything constructive to do. Not that often I get an empty house and ponce again I failed to capitalise on it. One day I might grow up a bit !!

The Ultimate Diet......


It’s a bit early in the year for negative thoughts !!! – Not really sure why I did this, but stumbled across an online Photoshop Tutorial and thought I’d have a crack at it. Was a lot more difficult than the 4 step tutorial suggested to try and make the final image look less like a cut and paste job than I ended up with. Image processing remains a bit of a sticking point for me, and I despair that I’ll ever really be able to do it without butchering the original file. So, for now (and this is the closest I’m likely to get to a new years resolution) I think I’ll have to stick with trying to get things ‘right’ in camera and keep the processing to a minimum.

Trapped !!

This isn’t the tutorial I used (in fact I wish I’d found this one before) but if anyone else fancies a crack at it there’s a useful step by step you can find simply by clicking this link clicking here