The Fine Art of Begging

After many years, George has finally perfected the ‘face’. ¬†Totally¬†irresistible to anyone with a heart, the soulful eyes¬†practically howl feed me (but only if it’s the tasty morsel you were about to enjoy yourself rather than the dog-food you left out for me already……. DaveFrost, on Flickr”>    

Puppy Spam and a Nifty Fifty

Getting to be a bit on the spamtastic side now with the puppies. I’m not talking about mulching their hairless corpses up to make bland, greasy meat but the amount of photographs I’ve ended up taking of them. The Lord only knows what I’ll be snapping when they’ve all gone to their new homes (aside […]

It’s tiring being a pampered puppy

Three weeks old and all four pups are now testing out their legs (which almost work) – They can see properly now (apparently) but it doesn’t seem to have stopped them from bumping into each other !!

I can stand up !! – But Walking’s still a bit of an issue

Nearly three weeks old, and now they’re quite speedy. Instead of lurching from one spot to another like a demented tortoise (or turtle for my overseas visitors) the little ones asre almost walking. It’s quite funny watching them fall over though. This one is ‘Number 1’, who aside from being bigger than the others was […]

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