Week 7 – Submitted shot, Slow Death

Right, last minute change of plan again. Sat there having a fag after being told off by the dentist this morning for being a smoker. Whilst pondering that, I realised that smoking is pretty much a slow everything, a slow killer, a slow but steady drain on my wallet, a slow but sure way of […]

Week 7 – Slow

Quite a poor showing this week. Certainly not a lack of insopiration but more a lack of opportunity. Quite embarrased to even have taken these ones (The iphone is a camera too right?) but kind of sums up the week really. If I can’t get anything tomorrow then one of these will have to do, […]

Week 6 – Supernatural

Supernatural proves to be a bit more challenging than originally anticipated. Had I realised I’m not a pro-tog with a wealth of props and a studio chock full of makeup artists and models at the outset, I may have had some more grounded ideas. Time has also been a bit of an issue this week as well.

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