Instagram – Bringing iphone photos to a whole new audience

There’s a new app for iphones (and I guess the new ipod touch with the camera) that allows you to instantly share your photos with others as well as applying some interestinf filters for different moods. Somehow a cross between Twitter, Flickr and the many applications that just allow you to upload to facebook and […]

PhotographyBB Magazine # 20 released

Blimey, another month passed already.¬† Just a quick one today to remind everyone (or to let everyone know) that the 20th Edition of the PhotographyBB magazine was released yesterday.¬† Dave Seram, the editor, and founder of PhotographyBB said today; ‚ÄúThis theme of this month‚Äôs edition is ‚ÄòIt‚Äôs Processing Time.‚Äô Often we find ourselves with a […]

Download the PhotographyBB Online Magazine:

The PhotographyBB Online Magazine is composed by a hardworking team of volunteer contributing authors who‚Äôs goal is to teach beginners all about digital photography and image processing. It’s a great read, and published monthly. Download the Magazine Here

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