Bees – Not just about the honey……

Whoever invented the phrases “the bees knees” and “make a bee-line for” was on drugs at the time. Bees knees are pretty damn ugly, and the little bastards rarely fly in straight line, or anywhere predictable come to think of it. Spent 20 minutes aiming the 70-200 at a ratherpleasant bush, swarming with bees. Unfortunately, none of them were where I was aiming. Had plenty of macro shots of the bush,, the leaves and the flowers but hardly any bees in focus (including this one).
This needs to be re-visited with a flash, a tripod and a lot more patience. Who would have thought that bees would be so hard to shoot……

Bees - Not so Close up close ups....

Bees - Not so Close up close ups....

Bees - Not so Close up close ups....

and finally a reasonably sharp one !!!

Bees - Not so Close up close ups....

Some sort of Bird !!

Some good came out of an otherwise miserable and depressing weekend. We spent some time at my parents at the weekend and were astounded by the number of birds nicking peanuts and attacking the fat balls.
Unfortunately, every time I went outside they flew off so I had to shoot from inside the conservatory. It was a dull day and I never had the tripod with me so the ‘keeper per click’ ratio was extremely low. Shot @ 300mm, handheld, many shots were blurry, not only because the birds were extremely quick, but the feeders were blowing in the ferocious wind. Noise on the 30D is also an issue with the ISO at a measly 800 prompting me to dream once more of being able to afford faster glass (or a body better able to deal with high ISO)

Some sort of Finch

Apologies to bird people for not knowing what make and model this is (all I know is it’s some kind of Finch)

The decorators Garden

The Decorators Garden

Rusty paint tins, half used lay abandoned alongside a rotting brush whilst the decorator waits by the phone. Willing it to ring, as if thoughts alone can bring in some work to pay the bills and feed the family.

Nature has a funny way

Of reminding you what’s important in life. Things like Love, and Sunshine. OK, it may not be a Rose but as I was Just about to hack this useless weed to death with a petrol mower (I wasn’t really, I was thinking about whether I could afford a gardener to do all the tedious crap for me) I was suddenly struck by the shape of the leaves……. Any excuse to get the camera out.

Heart shaped leaves.......

Dandelion – Before they’re interesting

Dandelions are fairly nondescript, yellow weedy pests. Until you get up close.
When viewed through a 50mm lens attached to 36mm of Kenko Extention tubes, these common weeds can become objects of wonder and even beauty. From the patterned tips of the petals to the pollen laden stamen, the detail that nature puts into these nasty flowers is surreal.


For some reason, this one’s generated quite a lot of interest on Flickr as well (otherwise I very much doubt I would have posted it here).

Which way to KFC?

“Woody” and his mate used to live in the Leylandi trees at the back of the garden. Last year however, the trees went and he was forced to move next door but one.
Don’t think he bears a grudge though as he often drops in to say hello and aggravate the dogs.

Which way to KFC?

Quite tricky to get a shot off as he moves about quickly – it’s also very gloomy out there at this time of the year.
Was pleased with this attempt, especially as the patio doors haven’t been cleaned for weeks. The Sigma 70-300 is definitelty out performing the old Tamron in pretty much every area at the moment.

Something a bit different

Autumn’s well and truly here, grey, grey and more grey with every glance skyward, and damp and uninspiring outside unless you happen to live near some lovely trees or fields. Canvey Island, to those that wouldn’t know, has neither trees nor fields. Houses aplenty, cars, roads and charity shops. Aside from the marshes (flat, monotonous clumps of sick looking grass interspersed liberally with mud) there’s nothing like a traditional landscape shot. Luckily we do have a bit of coast. Once you’ve navigated your way through the dog turds, empty bottles and cans, used condoms and more dog turds, there are a few photo opps along the sea wall.
Consequently, I tend to look a little closer to home, and sometimes it seems to work. This one is in my back garden, hardly ever gets used but kind of like it for no real reason. Might have worked better if I’d focussed on the front of it rather than the back but……….

Basketball net abstract.
Basketball net abstract.
Would really appreciate some feedback on any of the images on here. Any comments are welcome, all advice appreciated. It’s the only way I’ll learn and improve….