Waxing Gibbous……

Two words that no matter what, always make me smile like a naughty schoolboy. Absolutely no idea why, but it just does. As the old lens died whilst attempting a moon shot, I thought I’d test the new one on the same subject. I have to say that I’ve been impressed with the image quality of this sub ¬£100 lens for the football photos with little or no chromatic abberation which was sometimes a problem with the Tamron.

Moon over Canvey

Was quite pleased with the result of the moon as well – Detail is pretty good for a cheapy lens, and unless you’re pixel peeping it’s generally an acceptable image. This is a pretty heavy crop (not quite 100%) of the full photo, and as had a contrast boost and a little unsharp mask added prior to uploading.

Shutter speed was 1/320 @ f8.0 and you can see a bigger version here on my flickr stream