Last of the snow pictures

Well it looks like Winter has now settled back to it’s usual dull grey drizzle for the time being, making special shots that much harder to come across. I’ve not got anything for the January entry in the 2010 hotographer of the Year Competition yet, but have a few ideas in mind (it’s just finding the time to stage them. Hopefully the miserable weather will serve to inspire more creative indoor shots instead, especially as I have found a custom function for focussing without using the shutter button. It’ll be interesting to see whether I can get to grips with it.
In the meantime, I’ll share the last of the snow pictures with you – I call it cupped, should have a poem to go with it at some point, just need to get my thinking cap on.


Something a bit different

Autumn’s well and truly here, grey, grey and more grey with every glance skyward, and damp and uninspiring outside unless you happen to live near some lovely trees or fields. Canvey Island, to those that wouldn’t know, has neither trees nor fields. Houses aplenty, cars, roads and charity shops. Aside from the marshes (flat, monotonous clumps of sick looking grass interspersed liberally with mud) there’s nothing like a traditional landscape shot. Luckily we do have a bit of coast. Once you’ve navigated your way through the dog turds, empty bottles and cans, used condoms and more dog turds, there are a few photo opps along the sea wall.
Consequently, I tend to look a little closer to home, and sometimes it seems to work. This one is in my back garden, hardly ever gets used but kind of like it for no real reason. Might have worked better if I’d focussed on the front of it rather than the back but……….

Basketball net abstract.
Basketball net abstract.
Would really appreciate some feedback on any of the images on here. Any comments are welcome, all advice appreciated. It’s the only way I’ll learn and improve….

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul…

If that’s true, then my windows need cleaning or I have no soul. This was another one of those, what shall I do now moments. So I attached the nifty fifty to the 30D, stuck in 24mm of extension tubes and wobbled back and forth in front of the lens with the camera remote in hand. Out of 10 or so shots, this one was the only one nearly in focus.

eye macro -  by Dave Frost - Portraiture for the Shy
eye macro photo by dave frost

I guess I’ll be getting bored with the macro shots shortly so will have some “proper” photos up here again before the end of the month !!

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

A bitesize crunchie with a bitesize chunk missing.

More extension tube attempts ended up in the bin this lunchtime. Had plenty of flowery thingies from in the garden, and a couple of things I found laying about indoors.¬† Not the greatest shot in the world, though with the flash off camera¬† I think I’ve got the Depth of Field issues sorted now !
Was going to try a couple of additional ones of this, bouncing the flash to eliminate some of the shadows. Unfortunately, I ate it instead.

Why is it you can never find a snail or a spider when you need one?

If you’re interested, you can view a bigger version of this
By Thanking Crunchie it’s Friday HERE

A Whole new world

A Whole new world, MAcro Photography
A Whole new world, MAcro Photography

Never really had much to do with the Macro disciplines, but have managed to acquire myself a set of extentino tubes which arrived this morning. Had a little play indoors, but was surprised to note that even items that don’t look dusty are actually covered. Will post some of them, once I’ve sorted them out. and cleaned them up.. Later today, I found this little fella, and now appreciate just how hard this is. The DOF is so shallow I may have to invest in a tin of bug killer spray, to make sure they don’t run away. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see an improvement as I post more of these. Also need to figure out a way of attaching the flash to the end of the lens as f2.8 must equate to a Depth of field less than 1mm Need to try more of these.

Spider Macro - Cleched but fun
Spider Macro - Cleched but fun