Final days

Glad to see that the site has now stabilised, though there’s still some work to do on the layout and getting the resp of the pages sorted out – Like the Portfolio/Gallery.¬† Work on this has stalled temporarily as has taking photographs as I approach my final days at work.¬† Been rather busy making sure all the I’s are dotted and t’s crossed before I start at thenew place on Monday. Haven’t had a chance to really play with the flashgun either, so watch this space, the camera will be dusted off soon.¬† In the meantime, to add¬† something to this otherwise pointless post, I’ve stuck on a shot taken of Canvey Creek.¬† It was a misty morning but the water was flat. Quite like the atmosphere, but not the border on this one – Been meaning to re-process it, but again, haven’t really had the time.