Spring sunshine by the pond…….

Despite being cold enough to freeze the tits off a brass monkey (which has reminded me I need to look up the origin of that saying) the sun was shining by the pond at the shooting ground a couple of weeks ago. Was muddier than a changing room floor at a Sunday League football pitch but the sunlight, filtering through the trees made it all worthwhile (That and being able to shoot the living daylights out of plenty of clays).


I couldn’t give a monkey’s where it came from…….

Pineapple, it’s said was first recorded as a word in the English Language in 1398. and is the most common bromeliad fruit in widespread cultivation.
I doubt very much that this chimp really cared a monkey’s about that though, as he really seemed to enjoy it.

As part of your Five A Day

Ring Tailed Lemur – Monkey World Apre Rescue Centre, Dorset

Just got back from our holidays at Freshwater Beach, caravanning in Dorset.
Got literally hundreds of photos to go through and process, but this little chap was straight out of the camera with no processing applied. Hopefully be posting some of the landscapes (and of course the Donkeys from the campsite) later in the week. This was taken at Monkey World, the ape rescue centre in Dorset.

Monkey World - Ring Tailed Lemur