Mind Bleach

Had literally 5 minutes where I didn’t want to think about work so decided to have a play. No doubt this has been done a million times by a million photographers and has a million slightly different takes. No original though went into this whatsoever.


Technically far from perfect, and could do with more PP but hey – five minutes is five minutes.
At some point I’ll detail what I did but haven’t got time now…….

The Ultimate Diet

The Ultimate Diet......

OK, had 20 minutes to kill and couldn’t think of anything constructive to do. Not that often I get an empty house and ponce again I failed to capitalise on it. One day I might grow up a bit !!

The Ultimate Diet......

Nothing to see here……..

Still not had the camera out in anger for anything creative for what seems like ages – Work keeping me tied up in knots amongst other things. Aside from football and a couple of family shots it’s been a photographic wilderness. So just to keep the front page changing I’ve pulled another old one out from the cobwebby depths of the archives….. Don’t know where I found the time for stuff like this. I want my mojo back !!!!!!

The 3 stages of the Day