Trigger Trap Mobile and a traffic jam……

Not taken many photos at all lately – far too busy for that with all the exciting things going on at the moment. I did however get another chance to mess about with time-lapse animation using the TriggerTrap mobile application and the iPhone whilst in the car on the way home from work.
Still waiting on my cable/dongle combination so I can start using this thing on the proper camera.

More information on the mobile app can be found on the TriggerTrap website…

Harry and Paul

Right, it’s been a while since I spoke to Paul while they were filming outside the office in Rickmansworth.¬† He said the new series was due to be on the telly in September / October which according to my calendar is around about now.
As I haven’t taken anything remotely like a decent photo for what seems like months, I’m re-gurgitating another archive one to keep the front page a bit fresh and different…..¬† So, I give you – Paul Whitehouse.

Harry and Paul Series 3 - Filming in Rickmansworth