It’s always a little disturbing when you start to look closely at the amount of time you spend waiting during your lifetime.  I’m not just counting the time you’re physically queueing, or waiting for your dinner but the time you’re not fully focussed because you may, for example, be waiting on instructions, information or just […]

Mind Bleach

Had literally 5 minutes where I didn’t want to think about work so decided to have a play. No doubt this has been done a million times by a million photographers and has a million slightly different takes. No original though went into this whatsoever. Technically far from perfect, and could do with more PP […]

Many hands make light work……..

She Who Must Be Obeyed has been away but due back tomorrow. Thought it would be prudent to get some extra help in to make sure the housework was finished in time and the house is spick and span. Not too sure about two of them though, they just sat around doing nothing…..

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