A hoverfly (or yet another closeup of an insect)……

Was checking over the kit in the garden and ended up with another damn closeup of an insect……. No tubes, just me laid flat out in damp grass, waiting for it to stand still – f10, @200mm 1/400, handheld (again). No flash. Really do need to get out and do something else…….

Blue Moon

Well, strictly speaking the moons the same colour as it always is, but instead of beingh dark and night timey, I took this during the day during a rare patch of blue sky. Hand-held, 200mm – What can I say. Definitely saving up for a 1.4 converter for this lens !!

Grasshopper – No Grass

Was sat out in the garden having a fag and a coffee when this chap hopped up onto the table. I didn’t expect it to still be there by the time I’d gone indoors and attached the kenko tubes to the 70-200 but he didn’t seem to be in any great rush to get back […]

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