Week 7 – Submitted shot, Slow Death

Right, last minute change of plan again. Sat there having a fag after being told off by the dentist this morning for being a smoker. Whilst pondering that, I realised that smoking is pretty much a slow everything, a slow killer, a slow but steady drain on my wallet, a slow but sure way of losing teeth and so on. So…. Out came the flash and there we have it. If I were to actually have planned this rather than it being a spur of the moment thing I think I would have cleaned the ashtray. Might also have shot a bit wider and used another flash to highlight the smoke more (though that would have presented challenges with the background which I again kept dark by using a small aperture in a not very well lit room (the kitchen). Not as happy with this as previous weeks but it’s not an iphone picture of a traffic jam !!

Week 7 - Slow (Slow Death)


Smoke - Inverted

First time playing with incense and flashguns with an extremely limited window of playtime. Minimal Post processing applied to these, the differences in colour I’m assuming are down to the different makes of flashgun and the camera auto white balance.


Canvey Island Grass Fire tackled by local Model Club members.

There we were at Waterside Farm Leisure Centre waiting for the Island Boys Under 11 match to kick off. Suddenly, we smelt smoke, and turned to see that a fire had broken out in the reeds near to the road. Smoke was bellowing acrosss the busy lunchtime traffic and the flames seemed to be spreading quite quickly. Having had to call the Fire Brigade the previous evening to another grass fire over the road I reluctantly pulled out my phone, wondering whether they would think that I was a firestarting photographer with a fetish for men in uniform. Fortunately some-one else had already reported it, and we were assured that a pump was on it’s way.
A Grass fire on Somnes Avenue Canvey Island is tackled by members of a nearby model club.
As I was watching from a prudently safe distance (all thoughts of football now having been postponed by all the spectators and both teams) members of the Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club proceeded to calmly tackle the blaze with long shovels and buckets of water. All was under control by the time the fire brigade turned up, so they damped down and left.
Canvey Island's Railway and Model Engineering Club members tackle a grass fire with long shovels and water.