Foggy Afternoon at the seaside

IMG_2311 (1)OK, so it’s not the best photo I’ve ever taken technically, it was after all grabbed during a brisk walk along the seafront at Southend on Sea, and a damp freezing fog had just started rolling in from the water on the only camera I had available at the time, the trusty iphone 6. Now we all know that in low light, it’s not the best you’re going to see, but it was in reality pretty bright out. Nevertheless, the fog has reduced the contrast far better than I could have done in post production, giving the image a somewhat surreal, almost watercolour like effect. I’d promised myself that only my best images would get uploaded here (unlike my Flickr account which has a lot of painful reminders of amateur errors) but there’s just something about this one that I keep coming back to. Despite it’s appearance, I can assure you this one is straight out of the phone, no editing whatsoever.


Don’t Feed the Birds……

Another Hungry gull.

Wherever you visit, from Southend to Skegness, our coastal towns have pretty much every variety of gull you can find.

I’m not a bird person generally and can’t tell one from the other, but I do know that if you lob a few chips in the air, you’ll have at least 20 of them flapping around your head. More fun is to lob a chip into the air above passers by – The photo opportunities are guaranteed, as is the increased chance of someone getting crapped on.

Hungry Gull

More From Adventure Island – Southend on Sea

Another couple from our afternoon jolly on Saturday, all again from Southend, Adventure Island.

Rage - Adventure Island
Rage - Adventure Island
. This is the Rage – A vertical climp leads to a terrifying vertical drop before being thrown through a loop the loop and some very tight bends. You may just be able to make out the Cars coming down the drop – They moved so fast that the 1/4 Second shutter speed wasn’t enough to really capture anything other than a smudge as it sped past.

This one is Pharoe’s Revenge – This time a 1.6 second exposure with a narrow F22 captured the movement nicely. Somewhere on there are Tommy and Alfie.

Southend on Sea, Adventure Island
Southend on Sea, Adventure Island