Iced water and processed peas

Dropping objects into a glass of water can be quite therapeutic. Dropping objects into a glass of water whilst attempting to photograph them can cause blood pressure to rise, as well as making a mess. Was a worthwhile experiment with ‘not bad’ results considering the actual time taken – Added to the list for things to do properly……..

Topical – Especially after the events up in Cumbria this weekend. Was on the M25 this morning on my wayu round to the office, enjoying the views at a sedate 20 mph for most of the 63 miles. Bored witless with only Wogan on the radio to keep me company, I thought it might be […]

Water droplet shapes

Had some fun at the weekend, playing with my new wireless flash triggers, a kitchen sink and some water.¬† Was a bit slapdash with the setup in that I didn’t clean the sink or worry too much about the choice of lens.¬† Basic setup was; Camera – Canon 30D attached to a very very cheap […]

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