The Scream

Imagine my delight when the humdrum and otherwise normal Thursday evening of pointless TV was interrupted by the discovery of a dead fly. Armed with the off camera flash, wireless triggers ant a 12mm Kenko Tube, I first drew some stick like pictures and posed the corpse. You know the stuff, staircases, horses etc. None […]

Star Wars – Alien Life form Discovered in Cyprus…..

Found this little chap sat on the wall of our villa in Cyprus. Obliginly he/she/it was happy to sit still and wait for me to get the Kenko Tubes attached to the 17-50 Tamron and pose while I snapped away. Minimal processing means that this is the first of a rather large bunch. Need to […]

Global Economy

t is often said that money, makes the world go round. Quite frankly this is silly. I’m not a physisisisisist, in fact I can’t even spell it, but I do know that the world goes round because at some point in the dim and distant past before God, Dinosaurs and Fish a giant Space Mammoth brushed against it in it’s haste to get to the toilet at the other end of the universe. It’s also true (apparently) that the world will one day stop spinning, at which p[oint gravity will cease to exist and we’ll all become as light as feathers and float into the sky.

Spring sunshine by the pond…….

Despite being cold enough to freeze the tits off a brass monkey (which has reminded me I need to look up the origin of that saying) the sun was shining by the pond at the shooting ground a couple of weeks ago. Was muddier than a changing room floor at a Sunday League football pitch […]

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