QR codes – The quickest way to access long url’s on your mobile?

Will you scan this? Where will it take you. Just wondering today whether there’s any real value in QR (quick response) codes for anything other than marketing surveys etc. If you have a ‘smart-phone’ and are curious to see where this one will lead, I dare you to open your bar code scanner and take […]

Little Things

Took delivery of a new (to me) Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 this morning and despite having lots to do I couldn’t resist firing off at least one, well OK ten or so test shots with it to see how it went. At first I thought it was broken as I couldn’t hear the motor for the […]

A point in the right direction……

The tiny detail in everyday objects is sometimes quite surprising. This ben looks almost new when held and used as a pen. When transformed into an object d’art with a macro tube and a steady hand it looks like it’s been around for years – Going to have another crack at this with some proper lighting.

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