Journey home – More testing of the trigger trap

Further testing of the Mobile App, TriggerTrap. After a few false starts managed to keep it running till the battery ran out on a 63 mile journey home from work. Distance lapse trigger was used in preference of time-lapse. quality is plainly an issue on the iphone once rendering etc have taken their toll, but will certainly be interesting testing some of the other triggers with the SLR when the cables arrive.

Nothing to see here……..

Still not had the camera out in anger for anything creative for what seems like ages – Work keeping me tied up in knots amongst other things. Aside from football and a couple of family shots it’s been a photographic wilderness. So just to keep the front page changing I’ve pulled another old one out from the cobwebby depths of the archives….. Don’t know where I found the time for stuff like this. I want my mojo back !!!!!!

The 3 stages of the Day

The decorators Garden

The Decorators Garden

Rusty paint tins, half used lay abandoned alongside a rotting brush whilst the decorator waits by the phone. Willing it to ring, as if thoughts alone can bring in some work to pay the bills and feed the family.