Messing about with the tubes again

November – Right. Crappy weather busy at work and aside from the Football I don’t think I’ve taken a photo for fun for months.
Someone on the talkphotography forums had asked a few questions about Kenko Tubes so I dragged mine out of the bag and had a play….
Nothing special but not a bad result for 10 minutes titting about. The one with the flash underneath will be interesting to play with and try to recover some of the stamen detail…..

Gerbera, with Kenko......

Orange Gerbera

Dear Government, hope this helps (or how to build a revealing demographic cross section of society in 2011)

Ok, it’s not related to photography at all, but thought I’d post something topical by way of a change.

For some reason, I can’t remember filling out a census form before.  This is strange as I’m 43 years old.

Theoretically this should be the second one I’m directly responsible for completing but either due to the sheer banality of the previous one or due to me being in an alcopop fuelled coma for the last 22 years it seems to have passed me by. Imagine the anticipation of being able to do my bit as I followed the instructions and left it to be filled out today. Trembling with excitement, I opened the envelope this afternoon and was delighted to see tyhat I could fill out the form online. Finding a pen in this house is always difficult, and I always have problems keeping the letters in the ridiculously small boxes. I was mildly surprised do discover that the website was actually available after firing up the browser and on entering my very special personalised secret code, I began attacking the questions with gusto.  Buoyed along knowing that my £1000 fine wasn’t going to be helping anyone seek asylum and would remain distinctly the property of my Bank Manager I eagerly began to read the questions, requiring my extremely important input.
By the time I’d completed my name, I’d had enough. Last-pass got confused and tried to add my profile details to all the wrong boxes, so it was manual typing all the way. To ease the boredom, I invented a new game called “Select check-boxes randomly to see what questions get skipped” (bit of a mouthful, will try and find a proper title for that game later) and another where I was to follow the instructions to the letter.
Even this was pretty dull, so I was rather pleased when 15 minutes later, having entered the exact same answers to all 5 occupants of the household I’d finished.  Fairly sure that by the time the next one comes round I’ll have forgotten this as well, but my ultra favourite questions were 34 and 35.  Really enjoyed trying to come up with a brief description of my job……….

Was a little surprised that there wasn’t a question about how many pets we’ve buried in the garden this year or even one for what our favourite vegetables are but I guess they can just make all that up once they’ve got the important stuff out of the way. Hope my answers have helped in some way and I’ll sleep a lot better tonight knowing that my responses will in some way contribute to keeping an army of statisticians and analysts in a job. I’m also really looking forward to seeing the results published online so I can see if I’m the only one in the UK that has 5 different religions living under one roof, in harmony about most things bar the Salad Cream / Mayonnaise argument.

Nosey Questions - Helpful Answers !!

Liverpool Wheel…….

Been sorting through some forgotten folders on my Mac, trying to tidy everything up in a vain attempt to become more organised.  Stumbled across this forgotten shot from my first ever visit to Liverpool whereupon I spent the evening wandering around the docks on my own….

Unfortunately it’s a bit soft (hand held evening shots often are) but I did quite like the contrast and colour.  If I’m honest it could probably do with the bottom bit cropped off, but no time for editing today.


Liverpool Wheel

Spring sunshine by the pond…….

Despite being cold enough to freeze the tits off a brass monkey (which has reminded me I need to look up the origin of that saying) the sun was shining by the pond at the shooting ground a couple of weeks ago. Was muddier than a changing room floor at a Sunday League football pitch but the sunlight, filtering through the trees made it all worthwhile (That and being able to shoot the living daylights out of plenty of clays).